The Exhibition at the Polytechnical Museum

14.09.2011, 13:38

September 12, the Polytechnical Museum opened an exhibition of the finalists’ projects of an international architectural contest for the best renovation concept for the museum’s building. Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design was consulting the contest’s organizers. The exhibition was prepared by the members of the Strelka team: architects Tamara Muradova and Denis Leontyev and Andrey Goncharov, a designer.

Boris Vervoordt: «You should have a counterpart, like in tennis or chess, who would make you take the next step».

13.09.2011, 13:38
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Axel and Boris Vervoordt are experts on the culture of luxury: they consult people on architecture, landscape, and interior design. What they do is not really space design; it is lifestyle design, as they call it. This Thursday, on the 15th of September, they are coming to Strelka to give a talk on interior design, their projects, and Axel’s book on wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept of minimalism, simplicity and imperfection. We asked Boris about his work, moving forward, and his impressions of Strelka.

Jiang Jun: «An editor must be a researcher of context»

07.09.2011, 13:37
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The upcoming weekend at Strelka will be devoted to a forum on city magazines. The editors-in-chief of leading urban magazines – Jiang Jun of Urban China, Arjen Oosterman of Volume, Alexey Muratov of Project Russia, and Peng Yangdzhun, the art-director of Outlook, — will gather together to share their experience and views on how modern-day publications keep pace and find a balance between immediate demands and universal values, and how to best approach problems of urbanism and architecture nowadays. Jiang Jun, the editor-in-chief of Urban China, has disclosed his secret of making a successful urban magazine.

Winy Maas: «Shop around in offices, shop around in researches, go to different schools»

02.09.2011, 13:36
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Winy Maas is a Dutch architect, urbanist, and co-founder of the MVRDV studio, among whose projects are the South Korean Kwang center, the House of Culture and Movementin Denmark, and a project for an autonomous residential community in Moscow’s A101 suburbs. Winy Maas actively teaches in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Delft Technical University, Berlage Institute, and Yale University. During his stay in Moscow, Winy gave at Strelka a lecture, co-led the workshop The Why Factory: Copy/Paste, and answered a few questions on the city, and his experience of and attitude to Russia.