>student: Adeola Enigbokan, 32, New York, researcher / teacher / artist

19.12.2011, 15:26
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I decided to come to Strelka after I found out about it through Residency Unlimited, which is a website that collects artists’ residencies. And I found it really interesting, because unlike all the other residencies that were listed there, this one was asking specifically for interdisciplinary work and for people who wanted to work across disciplines: artists, architects, social scientists. Since I am an artist and a social scientist (environmental psychologist, to be particular), I thought it would be perfect for me.

>student: Anastasia Sheveleva, 25, Volgograd, architect

14.12.2011, 15:28
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Before Strelka I worked as a freelance architect. We did different kinds of projects: from cottages to landscape parks. Mostly it was in Volgograd and neighboring cities.

Postcards from Microrayons

14.12.2011, 15:26
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In order to cover the educational process at Strelka Institute, The Village has launched a blog called New Microrayons: Citizens as Customers. A few articles have already appeared on the blog, including interviews with David Erixon, director of the Citizens as Customers theme, Alexander Bard, philosopher and Internet sociologist, ex-member of Army of Lovers. The new article is on the postcards the students made to share their impressions of Moscow’s microrayons.

>student: Maria Semenenko, 24, Moscow, linguist

14.12.2011, 15:25
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Before Strelka I was studying at university, getting a diploma in political science with 2 foreign languages. After graduation I worked for an Internet publication, then on a very cool online project, hello, guys! I also worked in social media but then left.

>student: Natalia Kopeikina, 27, St, Petersburg, urban planner

13.12.2011, 15:25
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Before Strelka I worked as an engineer in the planning department and was in charge of spatial planning.

>student: Marina Laba, 22, Togliatti, designer

12.12.2011, 15:24
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Before Strelka I worked in a wonderful office, did graphic design. I felt great, comfortable. I thought I had everything a young girl needed. I’d just graduated from university. But there comes a time after you graduate when you can’t decide what to do next, because for 5 years you’ve been doing the same thing. Our institute was interesting because starting with your 3rd year you had to go and work. I didn’t even have time to really understand whether that profession was for me or not.

Tokyo through different lenses: part 2

12.12.2011, 15:24
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The fieldtrip to Japan may have ended, but the impressions of Tokyo are still fresh. All of the students have seen their own Tokyo. Here are some views of the city through their camera lenses.

Dace Gurecka

>student: Ekaterina Varionchik, 23, Moscow, architect

11.12.2011, 15:23
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Before Strelka I graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute and practiced architecture in various offices in Moscow.

Watchmen: the Future of Historical Heritage. Results

09.12.2011, 15:23
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The public discussions programme «Watchmen: the Future of Historical Heritage», organized jointly by The Moscow Cultural Heritage Department (Mosgornaslediye) and Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, has come to an end.

Student Distribution: Choice Made

09.12.2011, 15:22
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The theme directors gathered in Moscow this week and presented their proposals for future research, after which the students had to make a choice of the theme they would like to study next semester. Thus, after 3 months of introductions and field trips, the fall term has finally ended and the students have been distributed: