Toyo Ito on Architecture for People

08.12.2011, 15:20
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Toyo Ito is a renowned architect and thinker who has been practicing for over 40 years. His ideas expand to both conceptual works where he seeks to fuse the physical and virtual worlds, and more down-to-earth projects such as the recovery plan for the regions affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami, which he specifically talked about during his lecture.

Tokyo through different lenses: part 1

07.12.2011, 15:19
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The fieldtrip to Japan may have ended, but the impressions of Tokyo are still fresh. All of the students have seen their own Tokyo. Here are some views of the city through their camera lenses.

Ricardo de Pinho

Example of Microarchitecture: Bow-Wow House & Atelier

05.12.2011, 15:19
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Bow-Wow House & Atelier was built in 2005 by architects Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Momoyo Kaijima and Shun Takagi in Shinjuki-ku, Tokyo. The architects came up with the project when they realized how hard it was to divide their time between home, office, and laboratory located at a Tokio university.

Koenji: Having Fun for No Money

05.12.2011, 15:18
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Tokyo’s subcultures are trying to communicate new radical ideas towards improving life in the city. In this image one can see perfect atmosphere of seeming equality and subtle differences, where one can express oneself.

Designing for Shrinkage

02.12.2011, 15:18
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Hidetoshi Ohnoprofessor of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo, talked about the shrinkage of cities and the effect it has on design.

Artist Masato Nakamura: connecting people through art

02.12.2011, 15:16
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