Studio Generale

13.01.2012, 15:36
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Besides being a supervisor of the Citizens as Customers theme, Anastassia Smirnova is also curating Studio Generale. Here, she talks about why the course was introduced, what it encompasses and how it will help the students.

Spring Term: Individual Research

12.01.2012, 15:35
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Since the beginning of 2012, the buzz here at Strelka is all about what lies ahead in the Spring term.

The fall term consisted of theme introduction weeks, where students were immersed in classes filled with lectures, workshops and fieldtrips. At the end of the semester, the students chose one of five themes (Urban Culture, Megacity, Hinterland, SENSEable City Moscow, and Citizens as Customers). Now, each of them will have to decide on a specific subject that he or she will research in the next 5 months.