Graduate Yefim Freidine, 28, architect, Omsk: “Strelka is Open Brain Surgery”

30.03.2012, 16:07
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Yefim studied in the Preservation theme group supervised by Rem Koolhaas. In his project, entitled Soviet Ideology of Preservation: How It Works Today, Yefim analyzed the methods of heritage preservation during the Soviet era and their influence on today’s life.

Graduate Victoria Kudryavtseva, 25, architect, Moscow

23.03.2012, 16:06
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Victoria chose the Design research theme. Her work, entitled Emptiness with a History was devoted to the fate of the Rossiya Hotel.

Culture of Remembrance in Berlin

20.03.2012, 16:05
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The history of Berlin is layered with epochs. Thomas Flierl, a journalist and culture scholar, talked about the significance of the 20th century history in Berlin’s city culture.

City Branding

19.03.2012, 16:04
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What makes up a city brand? Can there be one holistic campaign for the city, or is it a myth? How can different neighbourhoods reinvent themselves in order to adapt to the constantly changing environment? Students of the Urban Culture theme Marina Laba and Maria Semenenko talked to Ares Kalandides, the founder of In:Polis, a Berlin organization that offers integrated services for urban development, local economy, place management, and branding.

A Berlin of the Future

14.03.2012, 16:03
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Set out to become a strong platform for young artists, Berlin is striving to offer as much support to the creative sphere as possible. Combining art and science, finding new funding schemes, developing networks  there are many initiatives with strategic plans on how to create a Berlin of the future.

En Route to Berlin

13.03.2012, 16:02
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This week the Urban Culture students are heading out for their fieldtrip to Berlin to compare the city with Moscow in terms of culture, memory and urban environment. Here’s what supervisor Anna Butenko says about the aims of the trip and places they will visit:

Migration in Moscow

06.03.2012, 16:01
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Maria Semenenko from the Urban Culture research theme talks about the first steps she is taking in her research project and the issues she would like to address in it.

Stay Wired. How Technology Influences Our Lives

05.03.2012, 16:00
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How does technology shape our world today? Greg Williams, the executive editor of the popular WIRED magazine, and William Shaw, a regular contributor, visited Strelka Institute last week in order to talk on the subject. Phillip Kats, a SENSEable City Moscow student, talked to Greg Williams about data ownership on the internet and the ways it may influence our behavior.

Graduate Shi Yang, 28, architect, Qingdao

02.03.2012, 15:59
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Shi Yang was part of the Design theme group, led by Stefano Boeri. His research looked into the relationship between government and architecture on the examples of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral and VDNKh.