The Results Are In: What’s the Next Step?

20.09.2012, 20:53

The results of Strelka’s Concept Moscow competition are in, and the institute has released a booklet of proposals. The competition was sponsored by Strelka, OMA, Project Meganom, and Siemens, and the booklet was edited by economist Alexander Auzan, a member of the President’s Economic Council. The project’s main participants have shared their impressions on Strelka’s blog.

Eduardo Souto de Moura: “Architects are responsible not only for what they do, but also for what they could have done and didn’t”

19.09.2012, 08:54
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Eduardo Souto de Moura

Eduardo Souto de Moura is a Portuguese architect who was awarded a Pritzker prize in 2011. Recently he gave a talk at Strelka about how to consider the context while constructing a building. Strelka blog met Eduardo for a talk about his experience, views and attitude towards architecture.

Strelka Institute has finalized the list of students for 2012/13 academic year

06.09.2012, 12:44
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This year in October 39 students will come to Strelka. Most of them are from Russian cities and towns; 10 are from Moscow, 17 come from Novossibirsk, Barnaul, Perm, Saint-Petersburg, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Obninsk and other cities. 13 students will fly from all over the world: Greece, USA, Belarus, Denmark, Poland, India, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine, Czech Republic, and even Singapore. Not surprisingly, most of the new students are young architects and urbanists; there are also experts in digital strategy, history and theory of art, political studies, economicas and international relations. Looking forward to the new year at Strelka and wishing the new students good luck!

Gulnaz Aksenova, 26, Ufa, architect
Yaroslava Barmenkova, 27, Moscow, designer
Izabela Cichonska, 26, Wroclaw, architect
Albina Davletshina, 25, Ufa, architect
Jonathan de Groot , 24, Dordrecht, urbanist
Varvara Degtiarenko, 23, Moscow, art historian
Aikaterini Examiliotou, 26, Thessaloniki, architect
Polina Filippova, 21, Nefteugansk, economist
Sofya Guimon, 23, Moscow, theorist of art and architecture
Margarita Googe, 21, Perm, marketing
Lindsay Harkema, 27, New York, architect
Ondrej Janku, 29, Prague, architect
Artem Kalashyan, 29, Moscow, art curator
Victor Karovskiy, 26, Yaroslavl, architect
Sergey Kasich, 28, Sevastopol, sound-n-media artist
Anna Kaydanovskaya, 28, Moscow, architect
Polina Khanova, 22, Moscow, philosopher
Inessa Kovalyova, 23, Kramatorsk, architect
Nadezhda Malafeeva, 23, Barnaul, architect
Filip Mayer, 25, Stockholm, architect
Olga Metalnikova, 26, Moscow, geographer
Timothy Misir, 28, Singapore, political analyst
Alexey Mityaev, 27, Moscow, activist
Anastasia Napalkova, 24, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, journalist
Nataliya Orekhova, 24, Schelkovo, architect
Taisia Osipova, 23, Tomilino, architect
Glafira Parinos, 23, Moscow, geographer
Dhanya Pilo, 31, Mumbai, creative entrepreneur
Anna Pozniak, 24, Minsk, journalist
Maria Romakina, 32, Obninsk, journalist
Liya Safina, 23, Minsk, architect
Alexandr Shabaldin, 24, Novosibirsk, economist
Artur Shakhbazyan, 28, Moscow, architect
Evgeny Shishorin, 28, Moscow, economist
Alexandra Simonova, 26, Serpukhov, public relations
Masha Slavnova, 29, Vladimir, designer
Richard Trovatten, 25, Esbjerg, digital media expert
Elena Yarmanova, 24, Saint-Petersburg, international relations expert
Oxana Yatsenko, 25, Vologda, communications