Strelka Institute at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

26.09.2013, 07:48
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Strelka Institute will take part in the Institute Effect exhibition, taking place during the third Lisbon Architecture Triennale, 2013.

Strelka will inhabit part of the MUDE Design and Fashion Museum with an installation about the institute’s role in Moscow and its place in a global discourse. Featuring its publishing arm, Strelka Press, the exhibition will explore the notion of Moscow as a crossroads for critical thinking about cities and design.

Liquid Strelka at Falling Walls Lab

25.09.2013, 17:04
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On the 8th November, Strelka graduate Liya Safina is going to Berlin to present the research based on her educational experiment Liquid Strelka, to a team of international experts at the competition finale of Falling Walls Lab.

Sochi On Foot

25.09.2013, 16:05
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Can a stress-measuring device improve our understanding of the urban environment? Can the architecture of small forms activate urban spaces? Strelka graduates speak about their participation in the “Sochi Peshkom” (English: ´Sochi on foot´) project and new approaches to urban research.

Taya Osipova, project manager

The summer school was the main event of the project. It lasted the whole of July and each week had its own particular theme. Students were introduced to the understanding of the city as a process; they learnt how to initiate different processes in the city and how to create the spaces needed for this, and they came to grips with issues involving the activation of urban spaces. We chose a particular area in the city and negotiated its use with the landowner. A Nineteenth Century fortress once stood there, from which the city then grew. Nowadays, there’s only one dilapidated wall left, citizens pass it by every day and are completely unaware of its importance in the city’s history. There is an “Anchor and Cannon” monument nearby to commemorate the founding of Sochi.

Strelka at the Tallinn Architectural Bienniale (TAB)

13.09.2013, 08:57
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The second Tallinn Architecture Biennale, with the theme “Recycling Socialism”, opened on September 4th. The biennale comprises of an architecture schools exhibition, symposium, vision competition and curators exhibition, which will remain open until the end of the month.

A team of Strelka graduates — Lindsay Harkema, Ondrej Janku, Izabela Cichonska and Nathan de Groot participated in the Vision Competition. The competition focused on the development strategies for one of Tallinn’s residential neighbourhoods — Vaike-Oismae, built in the 1970s, and known for its unique layout, with buildings spread out in an oval-shaped plan and a pond in the middle. Their project Assembled Ground was awarded the first prize.