3х2 Architect: Beauty and Sustainability

Part of: Russia™


T: Green building design became fashionable to the extend that the term is often misused. Thomas Auer will show examples where Transsolar collaborated with with well knows architects on buildings and urban developments where environmental design enhanced the architectural language beyond questions of style. All projects have in common that green design provide a more comfortable, healthy and inspiring environment for the occupant.

H: Design led engineering today requires an empathy with the architect’s project and process. Through «design engineering» AKT have developed instruments that allow them to incorporate far more complex sets of considerations than traditional architectural premises were able to integrate. Hanif Kara will share how one such model of practice is developed through unifying education, practice and construction. Outcomes in the form of projects like Phaeno Science Centre in Wolfsburg, The UK pavilion in Shanghai Expo, and Masdar project in Abu Dhabi will be used to demonstrate the value of interdisciplinary discourse.