72 Hour Urban Action: Missionaries

Part of: a series of workshops for changing urban environment



Micro-sites are small-scale disregarded locations that due to their lack of commercial viability, are not appealing for private development, or that fall under the radar of authorities who worry themselves with bigger problems. However for communities, these are sore spots that require attention. 72 Hour Urban Action in fact commissions architects, creatives and generally nice people, to look at these pockets of neglect, and to offer quick but resonating solutions.
the Missionaries workshop will look at how 72 Hour Urban Action identifies and reacts to these local micro-sites.


We will scout and analyse local needs, to determine what kind of missions will be made possible in Moscow and specifically around Strelka Institute.
72 Hour Urban Action uses video as an easy communication tool to translate complex realities and events into a simple narrative and a simple message – “above all, it is possible”.
The Missionaries workshop will combine urban intervention with real-time video based research and production. The workshop will be documented by participants, in a live production studio.

Potential outcome:

– preparation of a collaborative intervention, where we will focus on recognition of issues and distillation of meaning from micro-sites. We will video-research and map a district in Moscow for future action by students and residents. And finally, we will create acupuncture intervention to invite participants to experiences micro-sites hands-on.

An informal meeting with the participants will be held on August 19 at 20.00