Alberto Garutti on street art and an orientation to people

english (translated to russian)

Alberto Garutti is an Italian painter, professor at Milan’s Brera Academy and teacher at the art laboratory of Venice University’s Architecture Faculty. Winner of the «Award Terna 02» and the «Cultural Prize», which are awarded to contemporary artists. Alberto Garutti often works with urban space and emphasizes the social bases of their functioning and their orientation to people. He won first prize at last year’s The Gate of Milan contest with his expostion for Milan’s Malpensa airport.

Alberto Garutti’s lecture will be devoted to his approach to street art through showing examples of his work «Born Today», that was realized as part of the MMSI exhibition«Impossible community». The project was on exhibition in different versions in Bergamo, Istanbul, Gent, and Gallipoli. In Moscow it will be shown at Partriarshy bridge, where lights will flash each time a baby is born in one of Moscow’s maternity homes.

Alberto Garutti: «This work is about people and with people, pulling the city and all its citizens into dialogue. The theme of the emergence of new life unites different nations, cultures, religions, languages. Citizens hear a universal message when a flashing light tells them about the birth of a child».