Anastasia Chernyshova

Project: Introducing Efficiency (Where Does Russia Stand to Make the Greatest Gains?) (2011)

research theme: Energy
Directors: Reinier de Graaf

Architect Anastasia Chernyshova is from Moscow. At Strelka, she studied in the Energy theme, with Reinier de Graaf, and her research focused on how Russia can become more energy efficient. Her investigation was based on the data that 78 percent of the total energy supply in Russia is lost or wasted, with only 22 percent actually consumed. Anastasia looked at the best ways for Russia to minimise these losses. She found that part of the problem is the lack of liberalisation in the energy sector and the small cost to the end consumers of energy, resulting in little incentive to maximise energy efficiency. Anastasia works at the Le Atelier architectural bureau, of which she is a partner, and teaches at Strelka.