Daria Paramonova

Project: Ageing of Contemporary Architecture: Luzhkov Era (Preservation as Design) (2011)

research theme:
Directors: Rem Koolhaas

Architect Daria Paramonova is from Moscow. She studied in the Preservation research theme with Rem Koolhaas. Daria’s area of focus was contemporary architecture in Moscow, and the buildings of the Yuri Luzhkov era. Luzhkov was mayor of Moscow between 1992 and 2010 and presided over a period of economic growth and frenzied construction. Daria noted that the majority of Luzhkov-era architecture was made using low-quality materials and is largely dismissed by experts – but she asks whether the architecture might be more interesting than most people realise. Daria currently works as the director of Alexander Brodsky Architects and teaches at Strelka.