Merve Yucel

Project: Democratic Micro-transformations, Mutations of the Connective Tissue (Bibirevo)/ Segregation Landscapes (Kottedzhi of Rublevka) (2011)

research theme: Design
Directors: Stefano Boeri

Architect Merve Yucel is from Istanbul. She studied in the Design research theme with Stefano Boeri. Merve’s work focused on the world of the mikrorayon, a suburb of large apartment blocks common in Soviet cities. She took the area of Bibirevo as a case study and looked into the administration and infrastructure of the space. She examined the design of such areas, where the interiors and exteriors of the majority of apartments were exactly the same, and explored how such areas function now that Russia has transitioned from a Communist to a post-Communist society. Merve is currently working on the preparations for the Istanbul Design Biennale.