Andy Sandoz and the organizers of the D&AD Award on their experiences in creative industries

english (translated to russian)

D&AD is an international award for design and advertising that aims to spread creative standards and to educate, inspire and implement high quality design and advertising. In 2011, D&AD added the White Pencil to its Yellow and Black Pencil awards. The White Pencil is awarded to the minds behind ideas and projects that changed the world for the better.

The organizers of the D&AD awards, together with Andy Sandoz, founder and innovation director at the British Work Club agency and member of the D&AD jury for digital design, will talk about their work. Andy Sandoz will tell about his experience in digital design and about the advertising of the future. Also, the lecture will discuss the principles of working in today’s creative industries, D&AD’s new White Pencil award, and projects that make our lives better and more interesting.