Behance MeetUp: Jaroslava Klepikova and Victor Melamed on artistic education and the work of an illustrator

russian is an internet portal where professionals from creative industries around the world place their portfolios and find work. The site’s Russian community is actively developing and holds meetings where a wide range of professionals share their experiences. Jaroslava Klepikova is an artist and founder of the Jaroom drawing school. In the past, she worked as an illustrator at Art Lebedev studios for 10 years. Victor Melamed is an illustrator, column editor at [Kak) magazine, curator of the “Illustration” course at the British Higher School of Design and secretary at the “Tseg” Illustrators Partnership. He works with such publications as the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, “Krokodil,” and “Izvestia”.

The lecture will consist of two parts. In the first, Jaroslava talks about the artistic road she took, about the benefits of academic art education for both artists and illustrators, and about founding her drawing school. She will furthermore show a few originals of her works executed in oil on canvas. Viktor Melamed will talk about the illustrator’s job and about his attitude to academic education.

For every participant of the community, and for all those who’d like to join: the organizers have got some homework for you. Describe the project of your dreams and send it to Tatiana Smirnova at Both finished projects and ideas on a napkin are accepted.

Pre-registration for the event is desirable.