A second selection of short created with the help from Berlinale curator Maike Mia Höhne features an animated film-puzzle, social realism and musical improvisation in front of the camera.

The Great Rabbit / Gurehto Rabitto

France 2011, 7 min.
Director Atsushi Wada

A magical animation that is also a profound conundrum. Once we called the noble, profound and mysterious existence The Great. But we have moved with the times and our thoughts and consciousness have changed.

Awards and Festivals:

Berlin Film Festival – Best Short Film (2nd Place)

2011 12 30

Sweden 2012, 3 min.
Director Leontine Arvidsson


Interior. Apartment. Day. A naked woman draws her own outline on her apartment door. It is not as easy as it sounds, but she manages it. Working on the sketch, she even finds the right height for her chest. Then she steps back from the door, focuses and takes aim.

Awards and Festivals:

Berlin Film Festival – official selection

Stab / À coup de couteau denté

France 2012, 12 min.
Director Clement Decaudin

PNEU writes. PNEU plays. PNEU is a guitar-and-drum duo from France who look into each other’s eyes to communicate without words. PNEU is loud instrumental music. The band plays on the ground, directly to the audience surrounding them. This creates an immediate and intense sound.

Awards and Festivals:

Berlin Film Festival – official selection

Mystery / Misterio

Spain 2013, 12 min.
Director Chema Garcia Ibarra

They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin speak. Mother, father and son. The trio is heading for a crisis in which understanding is only one way of not listening to each other. As in the tradition of Spanish painting à la Velázquez, there is more to the image than meets the eye.

Awards and Festivals:

Berlin Film Festival – Best European Short

The Silent Passenger

Japan 2012, 15 min.
Director Hirofumi Nakamoto

A hotel room. The sheets are turned back. There is no noise from the shower to make the camera move. Instead there is movement from the sheets themselves. Slowly, one by one, tiny creatures crawl out from beneath. More and more and more of them. Step by step, hermit crabs invade the room. The lamp, the corner, everything is explored. Butterflies hang inside a car’s windscreen.

Awards and Festivals:

Berlin Film Festival – official selection

The Waiting / Al Intithar

Italy/United Arab Emirates 2013, 30 min.
Director Mari Rizzi

The film’s protagonist is a widow from Homs whose husband was killed in an attack by the Syrian army. Director Mario Rizzi followed this widow’s life at the camp for seven weeks. Life’s rhythms are dictated by the place, and life here is all about waiting.

Awards and Festivals:

Berlin Film Festival – official selection

Age restriction: 16+