Best typefaces from students of the British Higher School of Design


Students from the British Higher School of Design presented their best works completed as part of the assessment in the course Typefaces and Typography, led by graphic designer and font design expert Ilya Ruderman.

This is the fifth year in a row that this unique for Russia course devoted entirely to type fonts will present its work to professionals and graphic design enthusiasts. This year, as an experiment, the assessment of the course was conducted in public, with some fonts offered as a gift to the audience gathered at Strelka Institute for this event.

Ilya Ruderman is a graphic designer with particular expertise in the field of typeface design, and a lecturer at the British Higher School of Design. He earned a degree in typography from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. In Russia, he has been engaged in promoting the culture of fonts, teaching, and designing new fonts. His clients include, amongst others, Afisha Publishing House, Independent Media (advertising font for Yes and Grotesque font for Men’s Health) and Skolkovo (nautical font).