A New Academic Year at Strelka

01.10.2013, 11:30
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Today, Strelka is delighted to welcome the new students about to take part in its educational programme, and wishes them all a fascinating year, full of experimentation and discovery.

This year’s nine-month study programme will include an introductory course, a competition on urban space development, a research studio, and an outdoor exhibition project. In the course of their studies, participants will not only gain the knowledge and skills needed to work with the urban environment, but will also have the chance to improve their group working skills, explore the psychology of the work process, and find out about the principles of interdisciplinary cooperation.

The theme for the 2013/14 year will be Urban Routines. To get to grips with this, students will be divided into four research studios: The “Dwelling” studio will be led by Anastasia Smirnova, head of the Rotterdam architectural firm SVESMI. The “Cars” studio, by Theo Deutinger, founder of TD Architects, author and designer. Head of the Meganom group and director of Strelka’s educational programme, Yuri Grigoryan, will lead the “Retail” studio; and Andreas Klok Pedersen, a partner in the Danish architectural firm BIG, will head “Offices”.

The majority of our new students are architects, but this year will also see specialists from other disciplines studying at Strelka, including those from marketing, urban sociology, education, and the history of art.

The educational programme will conclude with a public exhibition, prepared by the students under the leadership of an international museum curator. The exhibition will open in the courtyard of the Institute at the end of June, roughly a month after the opening of the Fourteenth International Architectural Biennale in Venice, at which Strelka will act as curator of the Russian Pavilion.