Academic year 2012/13: studio I

24.07.2012, 16:32
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We present the first of the four research studio for academic year 2012/13. The rest of the studios will be published shortly, keep up with the updates!

Foresight in Hindsight.
A History of Predictions.

Throughout history, mankind has exhibited a desire to ‘know’ the future. The advance of science has been an interesting catalyst: with its ability to endlessly simulate the future consequences of present decisions, cyberspace has given the future a whole new dimension. However, despite the benefits of scientific progress, history’s most radical changes are rarely the result of scientific calculation; instead, more often than not, they are the product of a leap of faith. The studio will conduct an X-ray of past predictions about the present, with a particular focus on how such an X-ray can be made productive in defining an agenda for present day Russia.

Theme Co-Director: Reinier de Graaf
Theme Co-Director: Laura Baird