Alexander Bard: ‘I want more Facebooks and fewer al-Qaedas’

30.11.2011, 15:13
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In order to cover the educational process at Strelka Institute, The Village has launched a blog called New Microrayons: Citizens as Customers. A few articles have already appeared on the blog, namely an interview with David Erixon, director of the Citizens as Customers theme, and a story on urban values and the way they influence architects’ work. The most recent post was published yesterday and is devoted to Alexander Bard, philosopher and Internet sociologist, ex-member of Army of Lovers. He is explaining the Village how a smart phone can be used as a weapon, why people need to check in at restaurants, and what can a person do in order to work only one or two days a week.

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Here is a video of Alexander Bard’s lecture at Strelka: