Alexander Brodsky’s Teplyaki in the Chronology project

26.12.2011, 15:29

The project opens on 27 December with the arrangement Teplyaki, created by architects of the Alexander Brodsky Bureau, including Alexander Brodsky, Nadezhda Korbut, Kirill Asse and Daria Paramonova.

The Teplyaki arrangement comprises warm portals between the street and three of Strelka’s lecture theatres. In the middle of the arrangement, made from wooden planks and semi-opaque polyethylene, there is an artificial fire made from fabric, light and warm air. The arrangement glows in the dark.


Alexander Brodsky, the project’s architect explains:

«Generally speaking, Teplyaki are the simplest and most primitive of winter structures, usually installed at construction sites to enable works to be carried out in winter. They have the shape of boxes, filled with warm air, so they are quite crude and unrefined things. People gather in them to rest, escape the cold, have a smoke and talk. It is a symbol of winter pastime.»


Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper, president of Strelka, says:

«When we first envisaged Strelka, I was fascinated by the difference between the Russian summer and winter landscapes. The open program Summer at Strelka which we run during the summer months is an attempt to extract the most from our small courtyard. I believe that this is currently the most effective use of space in all of Russia, with the possible exception of customs corridors. And if during the summer this is a place for something public, often lighthearted, for winter we wanted to create something more significant and memorable. We came up with the Chronology project, as part of which we will each year invite a favourite architect, designer or artist to create for the courtyard a symbol of the Russian winter. And of course we are interested in seeing how the students going about their daily studies will coexist with the winter courtyard and the arrangement created by Brodsky.»


The Chronology Project: Alexander Brodsky’s Teplyaki
27 December — 26 February
Access to the installation is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.