The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator at Strelka

04.05.2011, 12:08
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Choosing a guest for the opening of the Summer at Strelka program was a very long process that we have started already in the fall. And now on Friday, May 13th, in the Strelka’s courtyard the artist collective Apparatjik will do an audiovisual performance called The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator. Apparatjik is a transdisciplinary working collective founded by Guy Berryman from Coldplay, Jonas Bierre from Mew, Magne Furuholmen from A-ha and the producer Martin Terefe, who worked with A-ha, KT Tunstall and Jason Mraz. Their performance will look something like this:

The Apparatjik Light Space Modulator is inspired by the kinetic sculpture with the same name made by artist and Bauhaus teacher László Moholy-Nagy (and now Apparatjik would also like to introduce a homage to the Russian inventor and electronic music pioneer, Professor Leon Theremin). Among other sources of inspiration are Russian Constructivism, dada and Fluxus, contemporary art and pop culture, and even astrophysics. The project involves M. I. T. Astrophysics Professor Max Tegmark, who believes that mathematics is not just the best way to explain the world around us, but our world is mathematics.

Another curator of the project is Ute Meta Bauer, Head of the M. I. T. Program in Art, Culture and Technology. It is not surprising that Apparatjik’s performs not in clubs but in modern art galleries and contemporary spaces. Last year was an explosively creative and busy time for Apparatjik, with invitations to perform at the Red Sun Pavilion of The Serpentine Gallery in London and the Transmediale festival in Berlin dedicated to digital technologies. Only two months ago in Frankfurt, Apparatjik hosted the opening of the art café The Globe curated by Daniel Birnbaum, Nikolaus Hirsch, Judith Hopf and Willem de Rooij. Apparatjik’s week at The Globe included discussions and videos (this is another line of their — Apparatjik TV) with guests and key-note speakers from diverse fields such as the artist Laura Anderson Barbata, Bruce Parry (of BBC documentary fame), Joseph Grima, chief editor of Domus Magazine and the director of the Thinning research theme at Strelka.

After the performance at Strelka, Apparatjik will lead a closed workshop with Russian artists and musicians. Together they will work on a new interactive installation, which will connect Apparatjik’s creative work with local Russian context. The results of this collaboration will be shown at the Yota Space Festival in St. Petersburg this fall.

It was difficult to find the best artists for the opening of the Summer Program at Strelka Institute, which highlights very different types of art and professional schools, and where architecture and design are walking hand in hand with contemporary culture, film, music and theatre. You can see the opening of the summer season and the spectacular performance of Apparatjik by registering on Strelka website (use a special form, and wait for a confirmation). We have 200 invitations for two people each.