Boris Vervoordt: «You should have a counterpart, like in tennis or chess, who would make you take the next step».

13.09.2011, 13:38
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Axel and Boris Vervoordt are experts on the culture of luxury: they consult people on architecture, landscape, and interior design. What they do is not really space design; it is lifestyle design, as they call it. This Thursday, on the 15th of September, they are coming to Strelka to give a talk on interior design, their projects, and Axel’s book on wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept of minimalism, simplicity and imperfection. We asked Boris about his work, moving forward, and his impressions of Strelka.

About himself: How do I call myself? It depends on the person who is on the phone. I am a manager, a gallerist, and a designer at the same time. I think the word creative can describe me best. Our family collects antiques, we have commercial property business, and at the same time we are an interior design company that day after day is transforming into an architectural office.

About industrial architecture: Some of the things that people have already called «junk» I want to restore. We created our gallery and our office in a building that no one took seriously. And due to this we saved it. With small changes you can change a lot. For this reason I like Strelka — with only a little intervention much has been done here.

About the process of selection: How do I choose antiques and interior items? My intuition helps me with that. Of course, then I check it with more rational methods. Every one can develop their intuition. It is something natural, a feeling that every human being has, it is a kind of protection, self-security function. I travel a lot and am in a constant search of items. While we travel we not only look for something worthwhile and valuable. We also try to find a perfect place for the items, a place where they will have a special meaning and style, where they will fit well.

About education: To have a better understanding of how to improve something you should have a counterpart, like in tennis or chess, who would make you take the next step. Though, nature also can teach you a lot.

About Strelka: I like that everything here is white, there is a lot of light. I like this complex surface — the metal hidden under the wooden slats. I can see sense of proportion and economy of means here, which is very good. Strelka is something new and something fresh, and it should not rest on its laurels. It should move forward, choose the next steps.