City: Between Practice and Theory

19.01.2012, 15:37
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On January 27-28, Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design and the New Literature Observer publishing house are conducting an international interdisciplinary conference entitled The City: Between Practice and Theory. Researchers and thinkers from Russia, The USA, Singapore, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and other countries will take part in the conference.

To mark its twentieth birthday, the New Literature Observer journal and publishing house together with Strelka Institute are holding an international interdisciplinary conference entitled The City: Between Practice and Theory. The conference will present varous approaches to urban studies and versions of interpreting the past, present and future of cities.

What are cities and how do they work? Are they merely a background to human activity? How is the “real” urban landscape changing with the introduction of new technology? Why do debates and conflicts related to the paths of urban development rarely become the subject of new reasearch? Does new technology, first and foremost the Internet, make it more difficult for city-dwellers to perceive the distinction between the near and the far, the events in the city and thouse outside of it?

These and other issues will be the subject of presentations and discussions prepared by urbanists, Slavicists, urban historians and fashion theorists, cultural geographers and social anthropologists, urban planners and political activists.

Conference participants: Irina Prokhorova (Russsia), Elena Trubina (Russia), Steve Pile (United Kingdom), Harvey Molotch (United States), Brenda Yeoh (Singapore), Carolin Schroeder (Germany), Luděk Sýkora (Czech Republic), Elizabeth Wilson (United Kingdom), Sergei Ivanov (Russia), Viktor Vakhshtayn (Russia), Olga Vainshtein (Russia), Olga Matich (USA), and others.

To download the programme of the conference, please follow the link.


To register for the first day of the conference, please follow the link. The registration for the second day is here.