Graduate Daria Nuzhnaya, 24 years old, architect

03.02.2012, 15:47
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Daria Nuzhnaya, who graduated from Strelka Institute in 2011, talks about what she does now.

I can clearly recall the moment I made the decision to enroll into Strelka Institute. It was autumn 2009, a round-table on the creativity of cities. Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper took part in it; at one point he started speaking about his project of a new architecture school. It was so fresh and new that I felt like becoming part of it.

Strelka definitely pushed the boundaries of my perception and changed my understanding of the world. It feels like I acquired a special mental instrument to help me scan the environment, constantly observe the city and people in it. Strelka opened new opportunities for me, gave me liberty and honesty of choice.

My research was part of the Public Space research theme, it was devoted to street art. The topic is so huge that it moved on to the second year of studies, to the “Urban Culture” theme.

The results of our studio’s research, if published, can easily become a well-seller. It could be of interest to anyone — from citizens and tourists to architects and urbanists. Why? Because such a publication can provide a lot of new and useful information on the city.

At present I work at the “Interior + Design” magazine; I am in charge of the “Architecture” department. I always wondered how they made magazines and how everything worked there. In particular, I deal with publishing architectural design projects. And since I am an architect myself, I am interested in each and every detail of the projects that we work with.

Shooting a building is quite an event. It is also a master class that the architect who created the building conducts for me. He or she talks in detail of the ideas they implemented, the materials they used. I can learn everything at first hand.