Discussing the Future of the Red October

02.02.2012, 15:46

On February 1, alternative scenarios for the development of the Red October territory were discussed at Strelka Institute.

Moscow’s chief architect Alexander Kuzmin, director of GUTA-DEVELOPMENT Artyom Kuznetsov, president of Strelka Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper, the institute’s trustees Dmitry Likin and Oleg Shapiro, architectural critic Grigory Revzin, journalist Gleb Morev, curator Nicholas Palazhchenko, artist and designer Vladimir Paperny, coordinator of Arkhnadzor Natalia Samover, architects Yuri Grigorian, Sergey Skuratov and Daria Paramonova, and others, all gathered at the “negotiating table” yesterday to discuss the future of the Red October.

All those who attended the meeting are concerned with the destiny of the place. Obviously, the interests of the developer, urban planners, architects, inhabitants of the island, and heritage conservation advocates differ somewhat. The developer alone cannot extract the full potential out of the place. In the meantime, this potential manifested itself over the past three years and is very important for Moscow.

“The fact that the discussion has started is good. — Strelka Institute’s president Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper said. — But the intention to build residential areas on the territory of the Red October is bad.»

The dialogue between the developer and the public has to continue. It should result in the creation of a modern historic and cultural landmark on the territory of the Red October. This project, with its complexity and the parties’ different interests, can become an example of a new urban planning policy of the city.