En Route to Berlin

13.03.2012, 16:02
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This week the Urban Culture students are heading out for their fieldtrip to Berlin to compare the city with Moscow in terms of culture, memory and urban environment. Here’s what supervisor Anna Butenko says about the aims of the trip and places they will visit:

“We’re going to Berlin in order to study the creative industries and the state of modern art institutions, learn about the cultural memory of the 20th century terror and think of the ways we could use Germany’s practice in Moscow. In addition, we’ll have a series of meetings with experts on migration, urban intervention, gentrification and city identity. During our trip, there will be options of what places to visit, so students can choose what is more of interest to them. The programme includes visits and talks to the founders of Hybrid Plattform (transdisciplinary project-laboratory), Tempelhof Airport — International Design Centre. For the cultural memory topic we will visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Jewish Museum. The students will also have a free day to talk with specific experts regarding their research subjects.”

Watch out for updates on this fieldtrip on our blog all this week.