Moscow Urban Forum Speakers

08.11.2013, 12:41
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Moscow Urban Forum “Megacities: Success Beyond the Centre”. Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, forum programme developer, presents the speakers of this year.

“Many times we feel that culture, imagination and creativity is the cherry on the cake. Many of Tóxico’s activities try to embed the notion of creativity actually being a supremely important component in every field – I don’t just mean cultural or artistic fields, I mean every facet of life”.

Gabriella Gomez-Mont is a writer, visual artist, arts curator and documentary film director. Her best-known project is the Laboratorio para la Ciudad, the new research-centre of Mexico City’s government. Gabriela leads the Toxico Cultura creative think-tank, the Cine Abierto festival and the Laboratorio Curatorial 060. She received numerous awards, including the City 2.0 TED Prize, the IMCINE National Film Grant, First Prize in the Italian Best Art Practice Award and a grant from the Dutch Prince Claus Fund.

Gabriella has participated in a wide range of different projects and her artistic work has been exhibited in Europe, Japan, USA and Mexico. She has worked on creative projects for MTV, Nike, Benetton and World Wildlife Foundation and has been published in Leading journals in the sphere of art and culture: Colors (Italy), Step Inside Design (New York), Contemporary (UK), Acido Surtido (Argentina) and -ism (Netherlands).

At the Moscow Urban Forum Gabriella Gomez-Mont will present the projects of Laboratorio para la Ciudad on the resolution of issues related to the city. This experience can be very useful for Moscow.