Graduate Alena Lanina, 26, architect, Moscow

24.02.2012, 15:58
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Alena was part of the Thinning research theme directed by Joseph Grima and Jiang Jun. Her research project Back to Basics: Defining Primary Resources in Russia was devoted to efficient usage of Russian arable lands.

I graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute in the summer of 2010, the same year Strelka was launched. So I frequented the evening events of the Summer at Strelka and just hang out at the Red October. When I learned about the educational programme of Strelka Institute I immediately decided to apply: I understood that it would offer a great opportunity to get acquainted with the international experience of dealing with relevant problems that were presented in the research themes.

I consider Strelka a long-term investment in myself. The education that was given here definitely brought my attention to certain topics. Undoubtedly, it was a great experience.

The materials of my research have not been used in any way yet. But I would like to make use of them. Besides, this year’s Hinterland theme is actually a continuation of the Thinning theme. Frankly, the ambitions of the Thinning theme were not reached in full during the 5 months of research, as each subtheme deserved to be a separate dissertation subject.

Currently I have my own architectural practice. There are several projects I am working on. In the future, I would like to focus more on working with the urban environment.