Graduate Shi Yang, 28, architect, Qingdao

02.03.2012, 15:59
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Shi Yang was part of the Design theme group, led by Stefano Boeri. His research looked into the relationship between government and architecture on the examples of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral and VDNKh.

Strelka has trained me to think of architecture through a way of journalism. For me, the architecture process consists of three components; they are art, science and journalism. I got my undergraduate education in a fine arts school in Beijing. Later on, I moved to the Netherlands to finish my graduate studies; the course was called Non-Standard and Interactive Architecture Driven by New Media Technology. Finally, I came to Moscow to brush up my journalism-oriented research skills. I have to say, Strelka offered me a great opportunity to complete my architectural education. These three components will determine the design ideology for my future career — to first observe and think as a journalist.

My research product was more like a manifesto than a documentary research report. In it, I wanted to show how  architecture activities can be regarded as a political branding process, as well as a de-branding process. The mechanism of this was clearly seen in Moscow in the last 20 years, after the Soviet Union collapsed. The research was published in the Project Russia magazine, issue 62.

Right now I am working at OMA. Part of the work is pretty similar to what we were doing at Strelka, which is research.  All the design comes after a comprehensive understanding of the site or particular issues; normally we need to produce a research book before starting to design a project. I’d worked in several renowned offices, but I find this to be an absolutely unique in OMA compared to other offices. I am enjoying the process.

What a I want to do next is to keep exploring the new world. Turkey, India and North Korea will, perhaps, be my next research targets.