Graduate Victoria Kudryavtseva, 25, architect, Moscow

23.03.2012, 16:06
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Victoria chose the Design research theme. Her work, entitled Emptiness with a History was devoted to the fate of the Rossiya Hotel.

When I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture, I had a choice between looking for a job or trying something else. I enjoyed attended Strelka’s summer lectures, and when I learned about their postgraduate programme, I decided to submit my portfolio. I liked the idea of a Western approach to education, especially taking into account that in the case of Strelka it is so accessible. And, naturally, I liked the idea of a mysterious research trip.

At Strelka, you learn to expand your thinking, by looking at things from different angles and various perspectives. You learn to spot patterns. This has definitely influenced my current view of architecture. In addition, it was at Strelka where I firmed in my belief that everything was possible. On the other hand, after Strelka I needed time to understand what it was that I really wanted from life.

As was the case with the rest of the students in my group, the materials I collected during my research were used in the issue of the magazine Project Russia dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the break-up of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, the story with the Zaryadye park made the subject of my research extremely current. I hope that my materials will be useful to someone.

Working on the project was interesting. I searched for information, located relevant people, who gave me contact details of other relevant people, I conducted interviews, learned interesting details, and just observed. On the whole, the process was fairly engrossing. However, it was difficult to decide the form that the final product of my work should take, and for a long time the result remained a mystery.

My research is a reflection on the role of physical places in the context of time and their perception by people in changing conditions. It does not have exceptional academic value, but for me personally this experience was valuable. I believe that all our thoughts have a tendency to accumulate, and even if they have been placed in the distant recesses of your mind, they still work, accumulating and synthesising, and will in the future bear fruit..

I know work at the Wowhaus architectural bureau. At this stage I feel the necessity to return from theory to practice. I really liked the interdisciplinary approach adopted at Strelka, and I would like to continue applying it in the future.