Moscow Urban Forum Speakers

23.10.2013, 16:09
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Moscow Urban Forum “Megacities: Success Beyond the Centre”. Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, forum programme developer, presents the speakers of this year.

«We think that traffic jams are going to be solved by building more roads. But that has never worked, anywhere in the world. Building more roads will just lead to more traffic jams.»

Enrique Peñalosa, Colombian politician and urban designer, Board of Directors President of Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (New York).

During the three years of his mayorship in Bogota (Colombia), from 1998 to 2001, he significantly changed the city’s image by developing one of the best transport systems in the world — Transmillenio — which reduced city traffic by 40%. By introducing new parks and pedestrian areas, he managed to create a positive and dynamic urban environment in the city

In 2006 he was awarded with the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture for successful introduction of innovations. In 2009 he came 7th among contemporary urban planning thinkers in the rating of the urban website Planetizen.

In 2013, MONOCLE magazine ranked him among the top ten of the Global Urban Dream Team — collective of urban planners and innovators who can turn their favorite city into the best place in the world.

At the Moscow Urban Forum Peñalosa will share his experience in urban and transportation policy.