Moscow Urban Forum Speakers

01.11.2013, 13:05
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Moscow Urban Forum “Megacities: Success Beyond the Centre”. Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, forum programme developer, presents the speakers of this year.

We believe that where resources and expertise are scarce, innovative, sustainable and collaborative design can make a difference.

Cameron Sinclair, american architect, author, humanitarian. He is also founder and executive director of the non-profit charity Architecture for Humanity. His book, which he co-authored with Kate Stohr “Design Like You Give A Damn: Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises” (2006), became a global bestseller.

Due to his humanitarian activity Cameron Sinclair has been awarded with numerous honours: in 2004 Fortune Magazine named Cameron one of the seven people changing the world for the better, he was the awardee of the TED prize for the development of the Open Architecture Network. In 2008 he was presented with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award.

Collaborating with Kate Stohr in 1999, he co-founded Architecture for Humanity — an organisation that helps architects to apply their design skills to humanitarian efforts: to design projects ranging from schools, health clinics, affordable housing. In addition, the organisation’s participants offer active assistance to countries that have suffered natural disasters. Since then the AFH has grown into an international hub for humanitarian design, operating sixty chapters in twenty-five countries with more than 4,650 professional architects.

At the Moscow Urban Forum Cameron Sinclair will explain how to make a city environmentally sound and convenient for life even if you have a tight budget.