Novy Urengoy-Sochi-Birobidzhan-Perugia

26.05.2011, 13:29
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Almost a half of Strelka students left Moscow for research trips literally to all sides of the world: one part of the «Thinning» research theme travelled to Yamalo-Nenetsky area, the other — to Sochi, one student from «Preservation» research theme went toBirobidzhan, and a group of «Design» students — to Festarch festival in Perugia.

In Nadym, Novy Urengoy and Noyabrsk — the biggest cities of Yamalo-Nenetsky area, «Thinning» students will study the influence of large mining business on development of the regions — Gasprom enterprises are located here, and Novy Urengoy is called «gas-extraction» capital of Russia. Photographer and film director Armin Linke joined the students, so the results of the trip will be a report as well as some photos and video.

«Thinning» students went to Sochi with similar task. The city is changing rapidly because of preparations for the Olimpic Games in 2014, and they need to see all objects of Olimpic construction and talk to local people. We already have news from them — they had a chance to talk to local surfers who try to protect the river from garbage discharge; saw construction in Adler; and talked to a person, whose farm will soon be divided by new highway.

The result of a trip to Birobidzhan will be a short film, devoted to historical heritage as basically the only resource of regions’ development. There are several regions in Russia without any big industries or important resources, and Jewish Autonomus Oblastwas chosen as one of the most distant to central regions.

Finally, «Design» students went to architectural festival, which is organized by the director of this research theme Stefano Boeri and Abitare magazine. Festival will take place from June, 2 till June, 5, and will host speakers like Kazuyo Sejima (by the way, we’d like to remind you that before that she will also give a talk at Strelka on Monday), Yury Grigoryan, Elizabeth Diller and Alessandro Mendini, Fabio Novembre and Jasper Morrison. Strelka students will also have a presentation of their project.