Photographing Sao Paulo from the car (look at them on your iPad)

31.08.2012, 19:13
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Photographer Thelma Vilas Boas and Justin McGuirk, author of Edge City, met by chance in São Paulo, and so Thelma ended up shooting from the car that Roberto Somlo and Justin drove around the city.

Here’s a selection of her photos from the drive, just in time for the launch of Strelka Press on colourful iPad screens (if you had a problem with Amazon’s death-grip on book retailers, now you can read us through friendly, non-monopolistic Apple Inc.)

Driving over the 127km2 Billings Reservoir:

Twilight in the outskirts:

Local climate’s effects on concrete in São Mateus:

São Bernardo’s unionized factories that produced President Lula:

Vila Nova Pantanal:

Zezinho Magalhaes housing by João Batista Vilanova Artigas and Paulo Mendes da Rocha: