Ring-roads of the world 1.1

06.08.2012, 20:54
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In 2009, Thumb graphic design made a poster for the Rice School of Architecture showing how the world’s ring-roads compare in scale.

São Paulo, the subject of Justin McGuirk’s book Edge City, was missing. But no more.

Well, kind of. I had to draw a circle of approximate circumference since the road, Rodoanel Mario Covas, or “the greatest work of Brazil,” is not built yet. But it’s supposed to be about 172km long, which would make it one of the longest.

Moscow has many ring roads, so it’s hard to pick, but it looks like Thumb used the Московская Кольцевая Автомобильная Дорога (MKAD) or Moscow Automobile Ring Road, which follows city borders. But the A107 and A108 are both much longer at 320km and 550km respectively. I hear all share similar traffic problems.

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