Roundtable “Watchmen: Indicators of Cultural Heritage”

13.04.2012, 16:15

18 April, 20:00

White Chambers Cultural Centre. Prechistenka Street, 1

The Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage and Strelka Institute are continuing the series of events devoted to preservation of Moscow’s cultural heritage and its integration into the modern city life.

The main topic of discussion at the roundtable is the contemporary practice of restoration and reconstruction of heritage objects and the acceptable limits of interference within which a historical monument is not deprived of its status as such.

In the last few years, Moscow has faced the issue of heritage buildings losing their authenticity as a result of their radical reconstruction and adaptation to fit present-day needs. Examples abound: Voentorg, Hotel Moskva, Gostinyi Dvor, Tsaritsyno Park, Detsky Mir, Dynamo Stadium.

Can a compromise be found between the demands of modern life and the concerns of professional restoration architects and heritage preservation experts? Is there a way to reactivate cultural monuments without infringing on their historical authenticity and intangible value? What is the maximum level of interference that will allow a historical monument to remain such while acquiring new functions?

Architects, architectural historians, philosophers and members of the public will discuss examples of work with cultural heritage in Russia and abroad. During the discussions they will attempt to find answers to these questions, determine modern indicators of cultural heritage, and understand how they change taking into account the demands of the public and the developing city environment on the one hand and the necessity of preserving cultural values on the other.

Experts include:

Aleksandr Andreyevich Skokan — Moscow, head of architectural firm Ostozhenka, architect, associate members of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences

Nikita Igorevich Yavein — Saint Petersburg, head of architectural firm Studio 44, architect, associate members of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences

Tatiana Ivanovna Krasheninnikova — Moscow, head of the Museum Restoration Department of the Moscow Kremlin, restoration architects, Ph.D.

Aleksandr Vadimovich Rubtsov — Moscow, head of the Centre for Philosophical Study of Ideological Processes

ДNatalia Olegovna Dushkina  Moscow, architectural historian, professor of the Moscow Institute of Architecture, member of DoCoMoMo, member of DoCoMoMo, member of the ICOMOS Academy

Boris Yevgenyevich Parsternak — member of the presidium of the Expert Advisory Community Council, chief architect of the Centre for Historical and Urban Planning Studies