Strelka at Open Book Festival. Day One.

09.06.2012, 16:19
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Architecture as Enactment, The Action is The Form. Victor Hugo’s TED Talk, The Dot-com city. Silicon Valley urbanism – Strelka Press publishing house will be talking about these and other books at the Open Book festival that started today in The Central House of Artist and will run till Tuesday, June 12th.

Strelka Institute is about new educational technologies. Strelka Press, arising at the intersection of innovation in the form and content, is one of these. It exists within three complementary contexts: the rapidly arriving future of education, the future of the book and the future of the city.  These contexts form the key themes of Strelka Institute’s programme at the book festival.

The Institute has put together a series of lectures and roundtables on the topic of what is happening today in the spheres of publishing and education. Alexander Brodsky has built a pavillion for Strelka, and the institute’s friends from Bolshoi Gorod, Afisha, The Village, and Forbes.Ru have organized a series of discussions on various problems of the city’s development.

To buy new books and find out more about Strelka’s publishing programme please go here.