Graduate Anton Ivanov, 24, architect, Moscow

17.02.2012, 15:53
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Anton Ivanov was enrolled in the “Thinning” group. He now works at the architectural firm Buromoscow.

The main reason for choosing to study at Strelka was probably the fact that it is the only free university in the world with such a high quality of teaching staff. It was also important to me that Strelka is a platform for an open experiment, something that Moscow was lacking until now.

Here I gained a solid knowledge base across a number of disciplines, and invaluable experience of teamwork. The year of study strengthened my desire to practice architecture and greatly widened the scope of possibilities open to me.

Strelka chose the best format for publishing our works. They are all freely accessible on the Institute’s website, and so anyone who requires this information is free to use it.

The research conducted by the “Thinning” study group highlighted the turbulent and anomalous transformation of the Russian landscape. It turned out to be very interesting, yet because this is such a massive issue, there is a feeling that a lot remains to be said about it. I am sure that the research conducted by the group will serve as a starting point for future, equally interesting, projects. I used some of the conclusions made from our research as a basis for writing an article in the latest issue of the Project Russia magazine.

I now work at Buromoscow. I intend to continue to be involved in architecture in the future. Although now the very word “architecture” assumes such an incredible set of concepts, often contradictory and mutually exclusive, that soon two architects will have difficulty recognizing each other. At the beginning of March I will undertake an internship at OMA and expect to gain a wealth of professional experience there.