Strelka Insitute at Open Book Festival. The Village, and Other Guests

11.06.2012, 16:20
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Moscow has very little desire to resemble a European city, and to be honest, that would be impossible to achieve, anyway: Moscow has been and will be constructed differently, and its future is linked to our ability to comprehend and use its unique possibilities, rather than impose some foreign scheme on it, especially since European cities have long since ceased to resemble their stereotypical image. Moscow will change no matter what action we take, but it’s precisely upon our efforts that these changes will depend. Strelka’s third day at the Open Moscow Book Festival will include four discussions on the problems of development in Moscow. These discussions are organized by our friends Afisha, The Village, Forbes.Ru, and Bolshoi Gorod.

12 pm. Navigation in the City. Discussion with Boris Pasternak (Center for Historical-City Construction Research,) Aleksei Dedushkin (Oldmos.Ru,) Aleksei Munipov (Bolshoi Gorod) and Nikolai Pereslegin (Department of Moscow Cultural Heritage.)

2 pm. Afisha: How Can We Make City Holidays Enjoyable for Everyone? Discussion with Sergei Kapkov (Moscow Department of Culture,) Sergei Parkhomenko, Dmitry Stepanov (Afisha Rambler) and Alexander Ostrogorsky (Afisha).

4 pm. The Village: How to Change Moscow With Your Own Two Hands. Lecture by Yury Mitin (Center for Effective Education).

6 pm. Forbes.Ru: Half-Way to the City-Garden. What Have the New Moscow Authorities Managed to Get Done? Discussion with Olga Vendina (Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences,) Yaroslav Kovalchuk (The White City Foundation,) Vadim Novikov (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) and Andrei Babitsky (Forbes.Ru).

Central House of Artists, Krymsky Val, 10