Strelka Institute at Open Book Festival. Conversations about Moscow

12.06.2012, 16:22
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What lies at the core of a city that is rich and comfortable for its residents and visitors is not only a variety of functions, but also a variety of meanings, and a low level of this kind of variety presents an insurmountable obstacle for urban development. How do we view the city? As pedestrians or as drivers? As Muscovites or visitors? To what extent is our perception of Moscow predetermined by our professions, education, interests and the habitual travel routes we follow? On the fourth fay (June 12) of Strelka Institute’s programme at the Open Moscow Book Festival, we’ll have a series of “kitchen table” conversations about Moscow – we’ll try to get a handle on how Muscovites, Petersburgers, designers and poets perceive it.

12 pm. Conversations about Moscow: Muscovites. Discussion with Evgeny Pischikov, Alena Solntseva, Aleksei Levinson and Alexander Mozhaev.

2 pm. Conversations about Moscow: Citizens. Tutorial at Prospect Sakharova.

4 pm. Conversations about Moscow: Designers. Discussion with Elizaveta Oreshkina, Igor Ganzhi, Anatoly Gusev and Mikhail Smetana.

6 pm. Conversations about Moscow: Poets. Discussion and Evening of Poetry with Maria Stepanova, Mikhail Aizenberg, Viktor Koval, Fyodor Svarovsky and Stanislav Lvovsky.

Central House of Artists, Krymsky Val, 10