Strelka is happy to announce education programme 2013/14: Urban Routines

10.07.2013, 18:33
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How and why does the urban space of a Russian city shape today? What did globalization bring us and what lessons can be learned from the experience of other nations, that took the same path before us? What national habits and traditions continue influencing daily routines and what is being imported from other cultures? Each studio of Strelka education programme 2013/14 will research these issues and offer its original look at ordinary life in Russia today.

Four research studios — Dwelling, Offices, Cars and Retail — form the theme of the whole year at Strelka, Urban Routines. In addition to the four main studios of the programme and in partnership with Moscow State University’s Department of Economics Strelka will launch a special fifth studio, devoted to the study of urban economics.

Over the course of 9 months of studies, Strelka students will go through 4 stages: introductory course, urban development contest, research studio and public exhibition project. Students will not only gain skills and knowledge, necessary to rethink and redesign urban space, but will also collect a personal portfolio, consisting of individual and group projects, articles, essays and interviews.

More information on structure and theme of the year.