02.11.2012, 08:35
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Between 31 October and 4 November, the Strelka Institute is presenting its publications at the Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair. This year marks the sixth occasion on which Russia’s leading regional literature fair has been held. The Fair has shown itself to be a good means of promoting Moscow-based publications and new reading formats in Russia’s provincial regions.

The objectives of the Fair coincide with the aims of the Strelka Press digital platform, which provides an opportunity for the wider public to access independent views and new ideas in the field of urban planning.

More information on events at the Fair can be found here.

The goal of Strelka Press is to promote international publishing experience and develop new approaches to media, architecture and design. The rapidly developing city of Krasnoyarsk is the logical venue for the presentation of new books from Strelka devoted to issues related to urban development. Strelka’s interactive stand enables attendees to acquaint themselves in real time with the Institute’s publications, which are available for download, at the extremely reasonable price of 30 roubles per book.