Strelka’s First Students of the New Year

10.08.2011, 13:34
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On August 10, the intake of new applications for Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture, and Design’s educational program stops. The Village contacted the first new students and talked about their plans for the year.

Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design is an international post-graduate program, based on the principle of study through research. There are five major themes, each with its own curator. On August 10, the acceptance of applications for admission to the academic year 2011/2012 ends. The Village contacted the first students of the new study year, and found out what they would like to do, whether they changed their attitude towards the project during the first year the institute was up and running, and why they come to Russia from Colombia or Australia.



24 years old, Samara, architect, artist

Graduated from: Samara State University of Architecture and Construction

Professional achievements: Engaged in private architectural practice and is part of the creative association «ХI rooms». The most interesting projects are still just on paper. For example, with a team of young architects we created a residential complex with a public function in Ulyanovsk, or an art project-study, devoted to wine as a symbol of relations between Russia and Georgia, which was on show at the «White Nights» festival in Perm.

From Strelka I expect roughly the following chain: Q&A, in its most interesting and broadest form.

Among the research topics of this year, the «Hinterland» theme caught my interest. Having chosen consciously for Samara, I feel what a magnetic influence Moscow presents. Particularly strong is the intellectual magnetism, reflected in the migration of the young and ambitious to the capital. The «Hinterland» topic presents a huge number of aspects: I expect its conclusions to be ambigious.

The interview went by quickly. It was the fastest interview in my life, Oleg Shapiro, Dmitry Likin wished me luck and then said goodbye. I cannot say that there was something especially difficult about the admission. The actual application procedure for the course was open and simple, and I think that every creative person that has an updated portfolio in its records, can in writing express his desire to be a student at Strelka.

Strelka is needed to teach young specialists to work with, to analyze and to benefit from information. To teach to think in a kind of new dimension and to look at things from a different angle.



25 years old, Moscow, architect

Graduated from: Kazan University for Architecture and Construction

Professional achievements: Interned at the Moscow Architectural Institute and Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, worked in Andrey Chernikhov’s workshop and Israeli bureau Knafo Klimor Architects. Continues his studies in the NIITAG RAASN graduate school. One of the founders of the «Point of Branch» project for education and research in parametric architecture, about which a workshop is conducted at Strelka this summer.

From Strelka I expect time and space for research, and also interaction with Carlo Ratti, who teaches a theme that is dear to me this year.

Among the research topics of this year, I became interested in the Senseable City Moscow theme. I really want to work with Carlo Ratti and digitally explore the fabric of urban space. This corresponds with my personal projects and questions.

The interview was interesting, because I realized that most people do not understand parametric architecture and often reject it. I can’t say that the intake was difficult or exciting, especially because we cooperate with Strelka in the framework of «Point of Branch».

Strelka is needed to provide a one-of-a-kind education in Russia of study through research. It’s very important as a precedent and an example of an update for thinking of young guys and an update, I hope, for the work in Russian higher education.



24 years old, Moscow, designer-analyst

Graduated from: RUDN and Bauman MGTU

Professional achievements: Worked as a designer-analyst at the Smirnov Design industrial design agency.
Participated in design-research for projects in various fields, such as trendspotting for the LG company and conducting social research for the hearing impaired. Among completed projects is a medical device, Gemofeniks, that represented Russia at the Expo Shanghai 2010.

From Strelka I expect the opportunity to contribute to research important to Russia. the opportunity to make something useful and meaningful.

The «Citizens as Consumers» theme caught my interest among this year’s research topics, similar research was part of my job.

The interview went by quietly. I just explained what I know and can do. An amused question from the commission on my work: «Is there really something like that in Russia?!»

Strelka is needed to identify problems and solve them, and interpret current trends and set new ones to expand people’s consciousness and, finally, to create products that will make our society more responsible.

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