Strelka’s graduate Minkoo Kang on his work at OMA

23.01.2012, 15:38
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The second academic year at Strelka Institute started with a full coverage of the students’ everyday life. However, one might wonder what happened to the first Strelka alumni after they had gone through a 9-month research programme. From now on, a follow-up of an alumnus career will be posted each week.  

The first in line is Minkoo Kang, an interior designer from Seoul. At Strelka, he was part of the Thinning theme directed by Joseph Grima and Jiang Jun. Minkoo now works as a junior architect at OMA, Rotterdam.

Minkoo Kang:

Strelka was definitely a turning point for me. Conducting my own research based on the Russian context was a very unique experience. I feel that the importance of research in the architectural field is becoming bigger, and Strelka Institute’s curriculum in that sense is quite successful.

I was in the Thinning group and my subject was tourism.  As part of my work, I made a map illustrating the change in the number of airports throughout Russian history, including the Soviet times.

The map was exhibited at the Lisbon Biennale in late 2011.

I always had a yearning to become an architect and was thrilled to join OMA in Rotterdam at the beginning of 2012. I have only been working here for nearly three weeks now, so I’m not sure how much I could tell about the office. But I must say I am really enjoying it. The work is tough for sure, but I find this place perfect for architects to work at.

The office gives you a chance to contribute not only in producing whatever you are told to produce, but in developing the main idea of a project as well. That, I think, is challenging, but at the same time it pushes you to explore your thoughts to the limit. This is nearly impossible in most of the Asian countries, where the hierarchy is much stricter.

I am trying to make the best out of the opportunity that I’ve been given.”