>student: Anastasia Sheveleva, 25, Volgograd, architect

14.12.2011, 15:28
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Before Strelka I worked as a freelance architect. We did different kinds of projects: from cottages to landscape parks. Mostly it was in Volgograd and neighboring cities.

I found out about Strelka from a French friend of mine. He told me, «Why go to Europe when Koolhaas came to you». I didn’t apply in the first year because I wanted to see what would come out of it. I followed the updates on Strelka all through the year, reading the blog and website. And after I learned everything about it I decided to apply.

I was also thinking of applying to the Fulbright scholarship, but I had this gut feeling that it’s better to apply to Strelka than Fulbright this year. I applied to Strelka as soon as the applications opened, in April.

Moscow is wet, cold, there’s no sun and it’s not a very human scale. I would change the relationships between people and urban planners, designers and just all other people. For example, the attitude of post officers — despite the fact that they have a memo about how to treat their customers so they would want to come back, they don’t read it themselves.

[After Strelka] I will be an astronaut, or a ballerina, perhaps.