>student: Anna Siprikova, 24, Moscow, architect

26.12.2011, 15:31
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Before Strelka I graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, the department of reconstruction and restoration in architecture. I was engaged in research of small cities and our diploma has received many different awards, including the gold diploma of «Zodchestvo».

I heard about Strelka almost right away when it opened. There was a lecture by Bjarke Ingels, whose work I really admire and follow. So I came to his lecture in the courtyard and enjoyed it very much, and afterwards, since I was still studying, I followed what the students of the first year were doing. Actually I didn’t plan to continue my studies right after graduation, but for some reason I decided to submit the application. Initially, my plan was to go and work, and then do a master’s programme somewhere. But my plans changed when I got accepted to Strelka.

Now I am part of the SENSEable City Moscow theme. Not that I would want to change something about Moscow; I would simply like it to remain interesting, pleasant, to be a lively city for the next  generations. Sometimes I walk the streets and I think, «Now here I am walking, all is preserved, there is a spirit of the city», but I’m not sure my children and grandchildren would be able to see all this. It would simply be great if Moscow could continue to live and develop further.

First of all, it seems to me that Strelka is like a punishment for architects because it forces us to think about people. Even now I realize how useful this is for architecture. I would simply like to be myself, have my own style and views on things, and continue my research. Perhaps I’ll go back to big architecture.