>student: Anton Kalgaev, 27, St, Petersburg, philosophy/political science/curatorship

15.11.2011, 15:00
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Before Strelka I was teaching philosophy at St. Petersburg State University. I was teaching and teaching and then I thought it was time to study. Also I did different projects as a curator.

Honestly, I don’t remember how I found out about Strelka. Recently I found that I had kept an early leaflet about Strelka with Koolhaas’s speech, so I must’ve known about it from the start.

During the first year I was still working in the philosophy department and I wanted to continue it. But as the year went by I suddenly realized that architecture was so great. it’s such a great context for research, for applying my creative abilities, that I simply can’t miss such an opportunity. You know that in Russia when something good starts – it doesn’t last long. And you need to jump on the footboard of the runaway train.

It’s very difficult to say [what I’d like to change about Moscow]. When you start talking about such topics as the city, the city context, urban studies, there are always two sides fighting: whether you are looking at it from a research point of view, or from a citizen point of view. The researcher in me doesn’t have the right to say anything regarding what I want to change. I can’t even think of anything, I just observe and analyze. The citizen thinks more about Russia than Moscow.

Strelka is a place of paradoxes. If you know something about Strelka, you can be sure that if you make up something that’s completely opposite, it will also be true. Strelka is a place of exceptions. It’s a unique place, with strange people, even if they’re not strange individually, as a whole they are. And everyone is doing something they have never done before.