>student: Carlos Medellin, 24, architect, Bogota

28.12.2011, 15:32
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Last year I was involved in two jobs. One was academic — I was working as an assistant professor and researcher. I was also working in Giancarlo Mazzanti’s studio, a firm that goes beyond thinking, only in a building, but wants to produce a greater urban and social impact through architecture in difficult national areas.

Giancarlo is a friend of Stefano Boeri, who last year was head of the Design theme; once they met at the Venice Biennale, where Giancarlo got acquainted with Strelka’s programme. This is how I got to know about the school. At the time it seemed to be a perfect solution for the difficult time I was living. I was frustrated with the old-fashioned creative environment of Bogota, and this new avant-garde academic project seemed to be appropriate for me.

If you asked me two months ago about coming to Moscow, I would have to say that I thought this was a terrible idea: the city was difficult and impossible to live in. But now that I am in it, the entire experience is becoming an amazing one, and I am beginning to discover Moscow’s hidden splendor. It still is a complex city, but it is also a charming one.

I have no idea what I will do after Strelka. Supposedly I will return to Colombia to work, I do not know yet what exactly I will do. But my main plan is to keep doing what I like, to design, conduct research and generate new possible solutions for various situations. This is why I chose the SENSEable City Moscow theme; I think it is the path I want to pursue. Of course, I would like to have the possibility to travel and work in cities around the world, learn and explore the wonders outside my country.