>student: Daliya Safiullina, 24, Kazan, architect

10.11.2011, 14:57
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Before I came to Strelka  from the States, I did my master’s in architecture so, of course, I’m an architect.

One of my friends, to whom I’m really grateful to, wrote me a email. At the moment I was still in the States. He said: «You know I’m an economist, that’s too bad for me, it’s a shame. If I would be an architect I would definitely go to this place [Strelka].» So I returned to Russia and decided that it’s probably the best choice.

Strelka is the only entity of that kind that serves as an intermediator between the Western knowledge that I have and the Russian reality. So I really wanted to implement my knowledge and my experience in our everyday life.

In a city like Moscow it is really hard to change something. It’s very challenging and that’s exactly why it’s interesting as well. So I hope by the end of the year we’ll have made some, at least tiny, steps towards real change in Moscow.

I’m pretty sure I’m still going to be a preacher of ecology. I really want to implement sustainable issues and design into our life because it’s such a huge field for future research or future building construction. So I hope I’ll be able to make some changes in this field.